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Thank you for visiting our new event website for the 2017/2018 big wave event season at Nelscott Reef, in Lincoln City Oregon.

Nelscott Reef is one of the top recognized big wave locations on the planet and we are excited to grow this grassroots event into a promising venue for locals and global underground chargers that have a passion and the commitment to charge the giant waves that break a mile off the coast.

The all new Pro-Am is intended to offer a chance to create a whole new generation of big wave surfers right here in Oregon. With the all new Pro-Am design we can now accommodate all the locals who wish to have a shot at surfing in the Pro-Am event, and share the season with the Pro’s. The contest will be open to any chargers who qualify to surf the huge waves that light up the Oregon coast. This event will be the only recognized and supported Pro/Am big wave surfing event in the Pacific Northwest.

Please check out the videos and photos of the reef from all the current and past sessions. We have new sponsors and features for the contest that we are working on for the 2017/2018 season. Thank you for your interest and for your support!

Video above by Rob Russo

Music by Zugh 

Nelscott Info


Nelscott Reef Info: The Nelscott Reef surf, is a one of a kind wave and a gift to all of us. The reef has put Oregon on the map in the surfing community and surfers come from all over the world to participate in these events. Thank you for showing interest in these grass roots contests, and please come down and support the hard effort involved here. If you cannot attend please check out the videos and pics!

Water Safety and Logistics: We are proud to announce that Eric Akiskalian of Towsurfer.com will be head of water safety and logistics for this event. Eric comes with over 20 years global big wave surfing experience and is highly respected in his field.

The Team: We have formed an all new management team that are highly respected and recognized in the industry. With this new group, we are dedicated to producing a successful Pro/Am event each year that will benefit the local chargers and the businesses of this beach side town in Lincoln City.

Contest Info: The Pro-Am is more than a contest, it’s about everybody working together to create a day these amazing waves can be ridden and all can see it. The effort it takes to get the surfers out to the reef and cameras on them for these events is pretty huge. From calling the day, to getting the gear here in time, it is a huge challenge.

The Nelscott Reef Pro-Am is an event intended to find the next generation of big wave chargers here in Oregon. There will of course be prizes and trophies, but more importantly the best and biggest rides will be entered into the following WSL Big Wave Awards for 2018-


Starts: Once the contest is a green light contest date will be announced, the event will start shortly after first light – about 7:30-8AM and will continue until finished – usually around 3:30-4:30PM

Viewing the event:  Contest staging area is near Canyon Drive Park, in Lincoln City.  Contest can best be viewed from empty lot on top of the hill on SW Coast Ave.  Please bring binoculars or a scope for best viewing experience.

Parking: Please park at the Lincoln City Outlet Mall on Highway 101 and walk down to the park.  There is NO PARKING ALONG SW COAST AVE, so please just park at the mall.

Like us on Facebook to stay updated! Contest waiting period will annually run from October 1st – March 31st.

Team Info


With the team we have put together,  the Nelscott Reef Pro-Am will  be shown live on competition day.

Adam Wagner     -Event Director

Towsurfer.com    -Water Safety and Logistics

Droneagemedia.com   -Aerial Drone Videography,  Watch- SURF1-SURF2-SKATE1- SKATE2

Bearboot.com   -Video Editor, Watch – SKATE – BMX

Madbroinc.com   – Event Management

Surfline.com   Surf Forecast, and Live Streaming Feed on Day of Event

Zuhglifesurfshop.com  -Apparel, and Music

Mad Bro Inc. was created with the intention of supporting non traditional sports. Surfing is one of those. Over 30% of today’s youth have no desire to play traditional sports. Getting support to have competitions that matter for these sports is a huge challenge, especially when mother nature is involved. The Pro-Am competition is the only entry level Big wave, paddle in surfing competition in the world that is still running. The athletes that come to compete in these do so with no huge purse on the line, just the titles and love of Big wave surfing.

Contact Us


Gabe Smith: Mad Bro Inc. -Sponsorships, and Event Management –503-547-9263

Eric Akiskalian: Towsurfer.com -Water Safety & Logistics –805-443-2045

Adam Wagner:  Contest Director –503-449-6558


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