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The Nelscott Reef Surf Contests started as the first and only Tow-In big wave contest in North America in 2005 and operated as such for 4 years until adding a Paddle In heat in 2008 to advance the Paddle in discipline.

The Paddle in was so popular that the next year 2 paddle in heats were added and a Kingfish declared which was the highest scoring athlete of the two disciplines which was won by Ross Clarke Jones.

In 2010 Kohl Christensen won the paddle only event in maxing 50′ plus conditions and the first Women’s Exhibition was held the following day which Hawaiian Keala Kennely won.

The following years the Classic event, and subsequent Classic events have been all Paddle in and the Feb 2nd 2013 event was won by Jamie Sterling and was also supplemented by a SUP Exhibition by Ian Wallace, Drew Brophy and Hayley Fiske.

In 2014 the Dive n Surf Pro took place, with Alex Gray taking home the title.

For 2015 and 2016 the Big Wave Classic Unvitational was held with Kevin Riddleberger taking 1st for 2015, and Jake Fishman taking 1st for 2016.

For early 2017 many changes took place, and the Big Wave Classic competitions were unable to run.

At Mad Bro Inc. we are are not giving up on Oregon having a big wave pro/amateur surf competition. For 2017 we are putting on an all new Pro-Am event of our own with the help of our Team.

Since the formation of the all new Pro-Am, we are proud to say we have 34 people signed up for this year. (10 are alternates) Our sign up sheet for this competition filled up in less than 2 hours, and we now officially have a backup list on top of an alternate list! Its clear the desire to come to Nelscott is still here, and greater than ever given the right circumstances.

The Nelscott Reef Pro-Am is the only qualified, industry supported, and organized event in Oregon for the 2017/2018 big wave season. You can expect nothing short of an amazing, and successful event.