The Team


With the team we have put together,  the Nelscott Reef Pro-Am will  be shown live on competition day.

Adam Wagner     -Event Director    -Water Safety and Logistics   -Aerial Drone Videography,  Watch- SURF1-SURF2-SKATE1- SKATE2   -Video Editor, Watch – SKATE – BMX   – Event Management   Surf Forecast, and Live Streaming Feed on Day of Event  -Apparel, and Music

Mad Bro Inc. was created with the intention of supporting non traditional sports. Surfing is one of those. Over 30% of today’s youth have no desire to play traditional sports. Getting support to have competitions that matter for these sports is a huge challenge, especially when mother nature is involved. The Pro-Am competition is the only entry level Big wave, paddle in surfing competition in the world that is still running. The athletes that come to compete in these do so with no huge purse on the line, just the titles and love of Big wave surfing.